Wednesday, January 14, 2009


bismillahirahmanirahim....... hope all of my view is true ...
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** my luv cybersquatting site..... **

** Go to OPAC IIUM, find three books from Law, Human Science and Technology. Get the call numbers and ISBN numbers.... **

law book : title- evaluting higher education

call number - LB5L236E


Human science book : Title - Ethical issues in social work

call number - HV10.5E84h

ISBN- 00000400903

Technology book : Title - The channel Tunner Part 1

Call numbers - TF238C4C4581

ISBN - 00000613418

**Bro. Asmady's blog is so nice................... **

when i first time view this page, i thought this is website but actually this is a blog..that is something new for me.....

This blog have many,i can get many information from this blog..

eventhough ,It is simple blog but for me it is very nice and lots of gadget...

**Name the URL for Kulliyah of ICT.**

** Go to CFS IIUM Library, find 10 books that categorized under Red spot collections...**

  1. Homicide In Islam : Legal stucture and the evidence requirement
  2. The addministration of justice in Islam- an introduction to the muslim conception of the state
  3. Image of deriance and social control: a sociological history- Dr. Ahmad A.Nasir
  4. The Dynamics of mass communication
  5. Knowing one another : Shaping an Islamic anthropology Merryl Wyn Daries-By Daries,Meryyl Wyn
  6. Political sociology: Structure and process/ George Andrew Kourvetanis By Kourvetanis
  7. Population: An introduction to concept and issues/ John R.Weeks By Week,John Robert
  8. Social science concepts : a user guide
  9. The Experience and meaning of work in women lives
  10. Al-Muhaddithat : The women scholar in Islam.