Friday, December 12, 2008


Porter’s competitive forces model ( PCFM) for two product.
(Imobile & Nokia )

Porter’s model identifies five major force that could either endanger or enchance a company’s position in a given industry.

Imobile is a new brand handphone product that a first born in Malaysia. Imobile is a new entry for the handphone market in Malaysia. Imobile have been competing with another handphone brand wih are nokia,Motorola,LG,Samsung,sony ericson,and another new brand.

Before Imobile enter new market,a study must be done in order to bring our product in the market. According to, PCFM they’re several forces that must be study before we market our product.

The first PCFM is the threat at entry of newpetitor. The threat of new competitor entry is high when it is easy to enter your market and low when significant barriers to entry exist.An entry barrier is a product or services feature that customers have learnd to expert from organizations in a certain industry.This feature must be offered by a competing organization for it to survice in the marketplace. For this products, Imobile have new competitor such nokia,Motorola,sony ericson,and other brand.

The second PCFM is the bargaining power of suppliers. Suppliers power is high when buyers have few choices from whom to buy and low when buyers have many choices. Therefore, organizations would rather have more potential suppliers to be able to better negotiate price, quality and delivery items.Imobile as a new Malaysia product only have a few suppliers from Malaysia and difficult to get items in this, the suppliers power for this product is high. For another product,they have many supplier to get their a result, they had low suppliers power.

The third porter’s competitive force model is the bargaining power of custemors (buyers).
Buyers power is high when buyers have many choices from whom to buy and low when buyers have few choices. For this product, buyers had few places from which to buy Imobile product. As a result,they had low buyers power. But for another brand handphone product, buyers have a multitude of choices to choose from, and as a result, buyers power greatlyincreased.

The fourth PCFM is the threat of substitute products or services.if there are many substitutes for an organization’s product or services,then the threat of substitutes is high. If there are few substitutes then the threat is low.Nowadays, new technologies create substitute products very rapidly.Imobile have many substitutes because before this there are many famous product for handphone,so imobile have high treat of substitutes.

The last porter’s competitive forces model is the rivalry among existing firms in the industry. The threat from rivalry is high when there is intense competition among many firms in an industry. The threat is low when the competition is among fewer firms and is no intense.Imobile had high threat from rivalry because it is intense competition among many firms in an industry.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This film deals with a brother and sister and their adventures over a lost pair of shoes.Ali and Zahra are a brothers and sister growing up in a poor neighborhood.In this film shown
a good moral value is responsibility. Ali is given the responsibilitity of picking up Zahra’s shoes from the repair shop,since she needs them to attend school. Ali makes the mistakes of setting them down outside a market,and moments later they are swiped by a beggar.The second good moral value in this film is intelligent person.Ali is a intelligent person. Ali and Zahra are convinced that their parents will be furious when they discover the shoes have been lost,since they can’t afford a new pair,so ali get an idea- Zahra is scheduled to attend classes in the morning,while ali goes to school in the afternoon.Zahra can wear Ali’s sneakers to school, and she’ll trade them off to Ali when we comes in for the afternoon session.But the plan has its flaws because Ali is late to school everyday and his principal threatens to expel him. In a final act of determination, Ali enters a race to win the third place prize, a new pair of sneaker. A bad effect in this film is a teacher not respect their student.It shown by headmaster’s ali. He always afraid ali.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Information system is a system which is used for organizing and processing information, generally computer-based. Also, it is a useful system within a business because it manages the development and operations of the business

’s information. The importance of information systems are growing. As data is now taking towards a digital form, instead of just a paper-based. Its good point is that the data is becoming readily available and become more secure. It prevents the data from unauthorized access. Like in hospitals information systems are very helpful, your data is stored in computers and where ever you are in the hospital your details are available at a few key strokes.
In the world of globalization, Information system is such where data are collected, classified and put into process interpreting the result thereon in order to provide an integrated series of information for further conveying and analyzing. In a progressively more strong-willed worldwide atmosphere, Information System plays the role as ‘enabler and facilitator’, which endows with tactical values to the officialdom and considerable step up to the excellence of administration. ‘An Information System is a particular type of work system that uses information technology to detain, put on the air, store, retrieve, manipulate or display information, thereby partisan one or more other work structure’. In totting up to taking sides assessment making, co-ordination and control, information systems may also help managers and workers investigate problems, envisage complex subjects and generate new merchandise or services.
Work systems and the information systems that support typically undergo at least four phases: a) initiation, the process of defining the need to change an existing work system
b) Development, the process of acquiring and configuring/installing the necessary hardware, software and other resources
c) Implementation, the process of building new system operational in the organisation, and
d) Operation and maintenance, the process concerned with the operation of the system, correcting any problems that may arise and ensuring that the system is delivering the anticipating benefits. The management of these processes can be achieved and controlled using a series of techniques and management tools which, collectively, tend to be known as Structured Methodologies. Two important methodologies:
 PRINCE (Projects IN a Controlled Environment), and
 SSADM (Structured Systems Analysis and Design Methodology), developed by the Central Computing and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA), are used widely in the UK public sector and in some Developing Countries, like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal etc. Prior to comment on the application of these methods in the Developing Countries, it would be pertinent to describe brief outlines of these methodologies.
Information technology is a very important malleable resource available to executives.[2] Many companies have created a position of Chief Information Officer (CIO) that sits on the executive board with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Technical Officer (CTO).The CTO may also serve as CIO, and vice versa. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), which focuses on information security within an organization, normally reports to the CIO.


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