Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This film deals with a brother and sister and their adventures over a lost pair of shoes.Ali and Zahra are a brothers and sister growing up in a poor neighborhood.In this film shown
a good moral value is responsibility. Ali is given the responsibilitity of picking up Zahra’s shoes from the repair shop,since she needs them to attend school. Ali makes the mistakes of setting them down outside a market,and moments later they are swiped by a beggar.The second good moral value in this film is intelligent person.Ali is a intelligent person. Ali and Zahra are convinced that their parents will be furious when they discover the shoes have been lost,since they can’t afford a new pair,so ali get an idea- Zahra is scheduled to attend classes in the morning,while ali goes to school in the afternoon.Zahra can wear Ali’s sneakers to school, and she’ll trade them off to Ali when we comes in for the afternoon session.But the plan has its flaws because Ali is late to school everyday and his principal threatens to expel him. In a final act of determination, Ali enters a race to win the third place prize, a new pair of sneaker. A bad effect in this film is a teacher not respect their student.It shown by headmaster’s ali. He always afraid ali.