Monday, February 16, 2009


Threats to information systems

Ø Technical Failures :

# Hardware problem
# Software problem

( Hardware problem )

1.Hardware failure (e.g. hard disk crash, file server failure) :

Hardware will fail. It's a fact of life. Hardware with moving parts will fail more often. That's another fact of life. Don't be surprised when it happens: be prepared to recover and move on!
- backup!- redundant (backup) hardware (e.g. RAID 1 storage where the PC has 2 hard disks and data is simultaneously written to both disks)- keep computers comfortable: airconditioning (PCs hate heat and humidity), dust and smoke free environment, no dropping or jarring PCs, no liquids near PCs, no plugging/unplugging of components while the PC is running (except for "hotswap" devices).

( Software problem )

1. Software failure :

No software is perfect. There are bugs in even the best-written programs. A bug can destroy or corrupt data.- have backups handy- test software thoroughly before relying on it- test software with your hardware in case the software is incompatible